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Cub Scout Day Camp and Girl’s Camp

on July 5, 2016
I headed to Cub Scout Day Camp with Vincent on Tuesday.  Day Camp was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
A lady in our ward (and in the stake primary) taught the scouts some knots.  Vincent got all frustrated when he couldn’t do it perfectly the first time.  The teacher told me he wasn’t the only boy to cry about not being able to do it at first.  He caught on just fine after a few tries, but is such a perfectionist with things like that, that it’s frustrating to everyone around him.
He enjoyed the BB gun time with his pack.  He used to get frustrated with that because he wasn’t quite strong enough to cock it easily, but now he’s figured it out.
The boys in our pack did a good job at camp, but I was so tired and impatient by the end of the day….
Elizabeth’s Girl’s Camp Started Wednesday morning.  We dropped off her supplies before our other trip so she was all ready to go with just a pillow and backpack.
The theme this year was based on “The Wizard of Oz”.
There’s plenty of hard work involved at Girl’s Camp, but it’s also a lot of fun.  Elizabeth spent most of her rec time at the slip and slide.

One response to “Cub Scout Day Camp and Girl’s Camp

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad the knots didn’t win. Grandpa can help him with them if he needs more help. The slip n slide looks like a lot of fun!

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