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July Fun

on August 1, 2016
 We had our annual Ward Fourth of July Breakfast that I LOVE!  Primary was asked to provide some games.  I asked a cub scout leader if she could be in charge of that and she found a large Jenga set and a yard quilt checkers game.  The kids had a good time.
Vincent with one of our friends from his primary class.
Abby liked the bubbles.  (The checkers quilt is in the background.)
After the ward activity we headed to Walla Walla for a BBQ with my parents and sister.
Happy Fourth of July!  Abby wanted to take some pictures with my mom’s camera.
So patriotic.
My mom finished putting the finishing touches on Elizabeth’s and Olivia’s quilts and has them ready for the fair in Walla Walla.  Elizabeth’s is the bigger quilt.  They had a great time making them with my mom over spring break.
My sister just moved and was headed home to make her kids organize their rooms and my older girls jumped at the chance to go help.  Olivia helped Jacob.
Elizabeth helped Jackson.
Their new place is nice and big and will be a great home for them.
My parents and I walked over to the park for the big community booths and food and fun, while Andy and Abby rested.
Vincent had a good time looking around and liked this big old limo.
Free Slurpees from 7-11 on the eleventh of July.  We went to two different stores this year since we had a few errands around town.  Elizabeth was babysitting, but I picked her up with the boy she was watching and took them with us to one stop.

A friend’s kids and the girl she babysits came over one day while she was taking care of her grandma at the hospital.  The kids all did great eating lunch and playing.
Olivia decided that she’d play music during the tea party that they dressed up for.
We spur-of-the-moment ran to the movies with some other friends.  We watched “Secret Life of Pets” and it was really funny and cute.  Abby liked the tiny white, fluffy dog most.
Olivia came with us too, but felt a little too old for a picture.
Andy went on a hike with the 14-17 year old boys in our ward (pictures below) and while he was gone, a friend of mine said she was headed through with her kids and wanted to crash at our house for the night.  She lived here for a summer when Vincent was a baby and it was fun to catch up.  She took selfies of us in her snapchat and sent them to me.
Thanks for the fun Janae!
I helped take the scouts up to their hike.  They started at the top of the Eagle Creek 13 mile trail.
It’s just a little ways from Mount Hood.  It was beautiful driving down the hill.
Wahtum Lake
At the bottom of the trail, where Eagle Creek dumps into the Columbia
One of the waterfalls you can see along the trail.
Different view of same waterfall.
They ate MREs (army food) along the trail, but the campsite host took them into town to get regular food, which was quickly devoured.
I helped pick them up Saturday and we all went to Burgerville to eat dinner on the way home.
I finally had a chance to get back in my garden.  I hadn’t done an initial weeding since planting and it was wild.  The whole thing looked like the middle part at the beginning with even bigger weeds at the back, but I chipped away at it over a week or so and got it cleaned out (15 hours later…)
Fresh and clean! But not many plants survived my neglect.  I’ve since purchased some tomato plants that were already big.
Andy built this sprinkler for the garden this year which has made a big difference.  We’ll be able to take it out at the end of the year to rototill and reset the garden.
Along with outside progress, I’ve finally got a little start on some inside jobs I’ve been wanting to do.  I took down the big ugly wooden valances above the door and window in the family room and the curtains and all the other odd things screwed into the wall that were no longer in use.  (Andy did have to finish a few things I wasn’t strong enough to get…)  Next up is filling in the holes and repainting before we replace the carpet for wood.  I’m still trying to decide what color to paint the two side walls that are currently a cream color.
Andy’s parents sold their home in Kennewick and moved up to their mountain home full time.  We’ll miss this house they lived in for almost 30 years, but I think it’ll be a good move for them.
We said goodbye to these leather couches that have put up with nine years of abuse in our family room.  Andy took them to the dump with the wall stuff that we took down.
We moved our couch and chairs from the living room into the family room (that we bought about 12 years ago for $125 from an ad in the Giant Nickel.  The recliner is one my mom bought at the thrift store just before Elizabeth was born that I recovered several years ago.)
AND Andy’s parents dropped off their living room couch and love seat for us while they moved.  So much nicer (and cleaning the carpets is on my to-do list.)
Abby cut her hair up to her ear on one side, so she had another drastic haircut when we went to visit my cousin Danette to fix up our hair the other day.  Danette told Abby she’d give her a buzzcut like Vincent’s if she cuts her hair again.
I had about four inches cut off, but I look the same.  Elizabeth had a full comb out (which took up most of our time…) and a trim, Olivia had a trim, and Vincent had a trim.  Then we headed to a cousin’s wedding reception.
I’ve been super busy with work since I opened up my availability to anytime other than Sundays and Wednesday nights.  I’m hoping to switch positions soon.  Elizabeth and Olivia have earned quite a bit of babysitting money watching Vincent and Abby while Andy and I work, but they are doing a great job.  They like earning some money to buy things they like.
Every time I see Elizabeth wearing my old shirt for pajamas, I think of the old man who was so rude to me about it when I was little.  He told me that this would never happen.
 My mom bought this shirt  for me in 1993 and I loved it.  It’s Dennis the Menace’s nemesis Margaret who always bossed him around.  I just wish the current woman candidate for president was worth voting for so I could be more excited about this possibility.

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