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Exciting August

on September 1, 2016

Not really, but it WAS full and it was fun! Ok, some things are pretty exciting!  Read on to find out what!

We finished up with one last family reunion for the Ransom side.  We went to the Columbia Gorge by Bonneville Dam.  Normally we’d join everyone camping, but this year we didn’t because I couldn’t get rid of my shifts at Kohl’s AND because Andy gave his two week’s notice at his job the day before we were supposed to go camping and he wanted to finish up some projects first.  That’s right, new job for Andy after 18! years at PLCs Plus.  It’s kind of bittersweet because he really likes his boss and has a lot of perks there, but it was time for something new and that’s going to be with Schneider Electric.  It’s strange for Andy to go from a company with three people (including the owner) to a company with over 150,000 worldwide, but he’s enjoying it so far. And as a bonus, we have way less expensive health insurance, a retirement plan, a business car allowance, and a raise to look forward to.  We plan on using ‘extra’ to work our way out of debt much faster and then we can save more.

Back to the reunion fun.  We headed down early on the Thursday of the reunion and met up with Andy’s parents at the campsite, but no one else was there yet, so we decided to go hike Beacon Rock while we waited for Andy’s sisters to get there.  Elizabeth and Olivia didn’t want to come, so they stayed with Andy’s parents and Andy and I took Vincent and Abby.

It was WAY more steep than I could do easily.  I had to keep taking breaks just to catch my breath.  Partly because I’m out of shape and partly just to control my breathing.
But we made it to the top!
Andy brought it binoculars to check out the view and shared.
A lady at the top took our picture for us.
We picked up some lunch and went to a park to eat it in Cascade Locks and then saw a barge, so we headed downriver to see if we could watch it go through the Locks.
We watched the water rise in the lock to match the water on the side the barge was coming from.
And watched the gates open and the barge come in.
It was actually about four barges and they tied them all together to come through.
When it got to the end of the lock, it stopped while the water lowered to match the water on the other side.  It’s like a barge elevator.
It was really cool to watch, even though it did take a long time.
Then we headed to the Fish Hatchery in Bonneville where Andy’s grandma Flora used to count fish for her job.
Vincent keeps losing teeth and looks more and more like a jack-a-lantern every day it seems.
We met up with the whole family at a park where the kids played and we ate dinner and had a meeting/program.
Andy’s dad with his siblings.  Youngest to oldest.
Abbie Ransom met Abby Ransom again.  They met before three years ago but I don’t think we took a picture.
The following weekend was our ward campout and talent show.  We didn’t feel like camping, but we went out for the dinner and talent show.  Andy showed his Rubik’s Cube talent.
The following week one of our Primary Activity Day girls planned a Primary Ice Cream Social and asked everyone to bring a favorite ice cream topping.  I added a few extra kids to the fun with Christian, Rory, and Kilaina.
Olivia’s hamster Minty liked our summer squash.
Olivia planned out a fun visit to Andy’s parent’s place for her birthday.  She went the week before her birthday and took Elizabeth and our neighbor Ally.  Andy dropped them off on the Monday before Olivia’s birthday and they came home Thursday morning.
George and Shirley bought a fun new toy side-by-side to ride around in on the mountain.
They went out to dinner at a pizza place.
And they did a lot of crafting and playing.
Olivia had a really fun time and so did the other girls.
They even made a cake and decorated it.
My parents brought Olivia a new camp chair for her birthday.  We love visitors!
I love watching Vincent and Abby read together.
Andy and I took Olivia out to Famous Dave’s for her birthday dinner.  She wanted to go there and have ribs!
I gave a talk in church.  I think it went well.  Nothing would come together until about 11pm the night before, but I figured it out and the things I liked from the THREE talks I was assigned that I’d added to a Word document during the week helped a lot.  I deleted some and those ended up being the exact quotes the High Councilor used after my talk.
This little girl turned 11!
On her birthday my cousin brought her three girls over to play while she went to her college classes that morning.  When she got back we went to the park to play with them.
Olivia liked her baby.  I think the feeling was mutual.
Abby and Vincent had a good time with the older two girls.
And then I begged a friend to let us swim in her pool….
Abby is getting better all the time!
Most of the swimmers.  We took Ally around with us again for Olivia’s birthday.
This game was Olivia’s favorite.  They called it a color game.  The kids on the other side each have to pick a basic color and when the person who’s it says it they have to jump in and when the person who’s it hears a splash, they try to catch them and tag them.
They ended the fun with a Chicken Fight!  The three older girls put the younger kids on their shoulders and they all tried to knock each other off balance.
Next up. back to school!

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