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on November 3, 2016

Not sure where this year is going, but it’s FLYING by!

Our friends gifted Abby with a bike their daughter outgrew.  Andy tried to teach Abby for a few days.  It was awesome to come home from work to see them outside.

Speaking of work, I pretty much live there now with my new position as Intimates and Accessories Supervisor.  I’m trying my hardest to clean up my many areas and get product out on the floor the way the book tells us to and learn my department and back up at registers and cover breaks at customer service and answer customer questions and so much more.  But guess what?! I went in one day and found out I was an Associate of the Month!  I’m actually at almost three years working at Kohl’s now.  I get a special parking spot up front, $40 on my next paycheck, and a little recognition for all my hard work.  Although this is the third time I’ve gotten this, it still feels great to have hard work recognized and appreciated.
My mom came in one day and I was about to have my sandwich I’d packed, but I talked her into going out to eat together instead.  She took my picture by the special parking spot.  (My car is not the gray one behind me it’s the one with just the one wheel showing.)
This happened later in the month, but it’s work related so I’ll toss it in here.  I helped at a new elementary school’s Mascarade Math night with other Kohl’s associates (and a son of one of them.)  We helped with the bowling in the gym mostly.  Kohl’s has a great program where non-profits can sign up for a grant and if they have five associates show up to help for three hours, they also get $500 granted to them from Kohl’s.  In October it was the 50th anniversary for Kohl’s so they actually upped that amount to $1500!  Pretty cool.
It was the Jog-a-thon at Jason Lee and I went to help mark laps.  Vincent keeps loosing teeth like crazy.
Walking around after he got a little tired.
Abby liked the jog-a-thon a lot.  I like of love her hair in this picture.  She asked me to pick out her outfit (which is why she matches…) She wanted me to pick an outfit that would make her run super fast.
Walking with Mrs. Schamber at the end of the time.
A little tidbit from Abby: She told me a boy in her class told all the girls that he’s going to marry them.  She told him she’s not going to because she does NOT love him and she knows she doesn’t have to marry anyone she doesn’t love!  (These are times I like her little stubbornness!)  Another morning she prayed that this boy wouldn’t chase her at recess that day.  I may need to email the teacher to make sure she’s aware of the situation…
Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts was all about BUGS.  Our cubmaster’s new daughter-in-law happens to have studied about them and has a great bug board she shared with the scouts.
She told me that Vincent and Abby knew a lot about bugs.  They learned it all from books and PBS.
They love bugs.  They had a terrarium this summer made from our old wheelbarrow that they put weeds and bugs into.  They were hoping to make a new kind of bug so they could name it NaDell because nothing is named that other than me.
One thing I decided to help with this year at the elementary school is picture days with Ally, my buddy.  We had an all school photo taken from the roof, but this one was a shot while they worked on lining up.  So many students!
The kindergartners had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  Abby had her first school bus ride.  She was excited to see me and ran right over to hug me.
Climbing to the top of the hay tower.
Riding on the tractor hay ride.
Picking the perfect pumpkin.

In other news, I witnessed and reported a hit-and-run between cars on Wellsian Way. A lady totally pulled out turning left and hit a car who was going straight with her back bumper and then just kept on going (after pausing and acting like she was going to turn around-so I KNOW she knew she knew.) I was right behind her, so I moved on up and got her license and all that stuff and called it in (and then watched her turn the opposite way of the accident onto the next road down.) You always have to stop if you are in an accident. Hopefully it all got resolved. Yikes.

Elizabeth’s church teacher sent me this picture after church this month.  They were talking about Naaman and no one could tell the teacher who he was, but Elizabeth piped in and said he was Laman’s brother because their names sounded similar.  Not true, but she’s pretty funny.

Andy had a work training in North Carolina for TWELVE days. He sent me TWO pictures which are below.
While he was away, I had a girl date with my buddy Ally.  We tried out the newest/only Crepe shop.  We looked at the menu and couldn’t decide, so we split a savory crepe (bacon/spinach/tomato) and each had a sweet crepe (sweet lemon for her/strawberry nutella for me).  They were all excellent.  We went on opening day and I’ve been craving them since.  I love having a buddy.
Olivia’s been going over to her house to read with her kids in the evenings.  Her kids really look forward to it and now another friend comes over to read to her youngest too.
The Saturday Andy was out of town (he left on a Sunday morning and came back on a Friday), I left a to-do list on the counter for the kids.  When I came home, it looked like this:
Abby has figured out that the “A” next to a list means jobs and erased hers before everyone else woke up.  So funny, but don’t worry, she didn’t actually get out of them.
This is my main station that keeps track of all of our comings and goings. I love this big desk calendar on the wall and our menu board and bulletin board along with our families Christmas cards on the wall all year. Gotta have something to keep me organized!
I came home from work one day after a TEN hour shift setting up several new areas for Christmas shopping to find these kids out front raking leaves.  It was pretty perfect because although I didn’t really want to keep working, I went and helped load up the yard garbage cans and they were ready for pick up that week.  Then I took them all out to eat for dinner!  I have some really terrific kids! (And Olivia’s dressed in purple and yellow for Hanford High colors.  It was spirit week.)
(Elizabeth was at play practice still.  She’s in the middle school’s Narnia play.)
Vincent had a scout activity painting pumpkins with the residents at Grandma Zora’s old place.  I brought Abby with me so Olivia could finish piano lessons and Elizabeth could get to mutual.  There was too much overlap to not make this work, but they all had a great time.
We had the primary program on October 23rd.  Andy was still in North Carolina, so he missed it.  It went very well and our last kid was done right at five after the hour and then the bishop had a little three minute talk and we were out right on time.  It was great.
Elizabeth had a Stake Harvest Dance where they were able to dress up in their costumes.  She made this up after realizing she wouldn’t be able to finish her Zelda costume on time.  
The girls all dressed up for their school day on Friday before Halloween.  Olivia only dressed as a pirate for extra credit in a class they were acting parts out.
It was crazy hair day at the elementary school.  Vincent’s hair doesn’t do much.  He said he wants to grow it out for the next crazy hair day.
Abby had five ponytails and gel in her bangs to make them stand up straight.  Pretty crazy.

Abby and Vincent collected enough jog-a-thon donations to participate in the first ever color run on the crazy hair day.
They had garbage bag ponchos on over their clothes to protect them and then had the shirts on top.  I got to help get color on the kids and it was a lot of fun.  They came out at their lunch recess time.
My buddy Ally enjoyed getting Abby colorful too.
We went to a community free fall carnival the Saturday before Halloween. Vincent’s a bat, Elizabeth’s some video game character I don’t understand, Abby’s a dolphin again, and Olivia is a futuristic girl or a bad make-up artist.  I’m not sure which this time.
 There was trick or treating along a set of shops and they had some photo areas with special guests.  Abby had a picture with Elsa.
And Jasmine, Cinderella, and Prince Charming (or is he?)
Olivia opted to be the dolphin on Halloween night. She picked up a pumpkin at the carnival we went to Saturday and then she carved it.  Everyone else had painted pumpkins at mutual or a scout activity.
And Abby wanted to be the butterfly.  I think this butterfly is my favorite costume ever.  So easy!
We picked up the kids from school with their costumes in the car and headed over to another shopping center that had trick or treating.  There was a police car to try out, so Vincent and Abby climbed in.
We went around with Ally and her kids (Jake and Elizabeth didn’t join us-Elizabeth had play practice).  Vincent decided he wanted to be Link (from the Zelda video game) on Sunday afternoon so Olivia made him a hat and he made a paper shield and a cardboard sword.
Friends are so much fun! Ally and I went to a movie together last night and it was so much fun and the movie was pretty funny too.
Work is so busy, but I feel like I’m catching up on my tasks.  I still have a mountain in the back to conquer, but I have a list of things that I’d like to get done and I’m crossing them off, so I feel pretty good about that.  I have an overnight this week and I get to spend the whole time in my own department, so I’m hopeful that I can finally clear my mountain.  I actually did work on Halloween during the day after asking for it off because I could work in my department.  I had three huge carts full of socks to get out and things to switch around in the sock/tights/legging area and I got them all out.  That was around 20 boxes full of socks to put away and organize.  It was kind of great because a sock vendor came in the middle of my day to check on two brands of socks and make sure they looked good and they did.  The store manager thought I could get my whole mountain done in those eight hours, but really it was only enough time to do socks…. I have that overnight to hopefully knock out the rest of the purses, scarves, belts, and slippers. There’s always more on the next truck.
We love having Andy home again!  We miss him when he’s away!

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  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad to have a chance to take you to LUNCH again. Mother Daughter time is special.
    Loved Elizabeth’s answer. She’ll never forget that Sunday School lesson. The time does FLY, thanks for the pictures of the school activities. I kinda miss those days.

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