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on November 3, 2016
Did September fly right on by for anyone else?  Goodness and somehow October snuck right past too and now it’s November already!!!
I promised some back to school pictures at the end of my last post… and then kind of got really busy for two months.  So sorry!
Back to school started with a Popsicle Social at the elementary school.  The kids were able to meet their teachers and bring school supplies and then have a popsicle outside.  Pretty fun and that way the teachers can get the supplies all organized before all the kids are there.
Abby has the same teacher all three of her siblings had for kindergarten (Mrs. Schamber just had her second baby five weeks before school!)
Vincent is in class with Miss Munn.  She likes Star Wars too.
Olivia had a sixth grade only day the Monday before school started officially.
She’s excited about her classes and starting middle school.
She found a few friends before I headed out.
First day of school obligatory picture…
even though it’s technically Olivia’s second day and Abby didn’t have real school that day…
Vincent and Abby by their school taking pictures because we got there a little too early to go in for breakfast
(and this year they are doing free breakfast and lunch for ANY student who wants to participate, so I’m stoked that we don’t have to make lunches again!)
Abby was super excited to start school finally after the kind of ‘ease into kindergarten’ they like to do here.  The first day of school was on a Tuesday and we had her assessment interview that day for a half hour. then other kids had theirs continuing through Wednesday.  Thursday kids at the start of the alphabet went for half a day and finally Friday the second half of the alphabet was able to go, including Abby (only to have Labor Day on Monday, so no school until that following Tuesday.)  She’s loving it so far!
I got to go and drop her off.  She did great and is learning to not interrupt the teacher and that it’s not always her turn.  She knows all of her letters and is learning sight words. And finally writes her name with b’s instead of q’s.
Vincent’s liking third grade too.  He is learning a lot and is doing great at piano and scouts as well.
Elizabeth started eighth grade and Olivia started sixth grade.  Now they are both in middle school!  They had their pictures taken the week before school started when they went to pick up their schedules.
 We finished up the first week of school with a visit to the fair in Walla Walla with Grandma and Grandpa Crowther.
Vincent trying out the water safety booth photo opp.
We decided to take the kids on a carnival ride, but we didn’t have the whole day because we had other things to do that evening, so we bought one book of tickets and picked a ride to go on.  Abby was too short for the spider/octopus ride, so she got to go on one in the kiddie section. Elizabeth and Olivia were pretty nervous before the ride.
And they screamed throughout the whole ride, mostly Olivia… begging to get off right now!  Andy and I just laughed at them because this is my very favorite ride.  I may have told them it is like a fun hill…  Vincent didn’t enjoy it much either.  The girls finally did like it at the very, very end.
We mostly went to Walla Walla to see the quilts Elizabeth and Olivia made over Spring Break with Grandma Mary.  Their quilts are behind them just above Olivia’s head.  They both got blue ribbons and Elizabeth got an honorable mention ribbon as well.
Monday was Labor Day and I was scheduled to work in the afternoon, so Andy took the kids up to the mountain to see his folks.
They tried out the new side-by-side and had fun playing.
Love these guys!
Abby wrote this about Labor Day at school.  She told me she wants to be a mom when she grows up and that she’ll have eight children.  She’s the woman in the middle of the pictures with the rainbow dress and two of her many daughters are on either side of her.  Super sweet!
Elizabeth got her braces OFF!  Wooohooo!  Now she has a plastic retainer for awhile and she’ll be all set.
Vincent and Abby decided on a Halloween costume early.  It’s from a field trip he took with the scouts to a safety convention.
I took down curtains and the wood brackets on the wall above the windows and filled in holes and patched and wiped down and painted the walls in the family room.  They are a silver mint color, but mostly look a little blueish.
We took a little side trip to Hermiston to visit Desi, one of my oldest friends.  We went to kindergarten together and always got in so much trouble for talking too much.  We were penpals all through middle and high school after I moved away.  She had a little craft booth set up to earn a little more money for her world travels she is going on this year.  (It was super cold and rainy that day even though it was September.)
I took Olivia and Elizabeth with me to the Stake Women’s Service Project before the General Women’s Broadcast.  Olivia helped to cut fringe on a scarf and both girls helped with other service too.  I made a soup and visited more than service.

We invited the primary families to the Temple on a Sunday evening in September.  The gates were opened after a few phone calls.  Good thing I showed up early.  They are supposed to be open on Sunday nights so families can visit, so I didn’t even think about calling or know who to call to make sure they would be.  Luckily, it all worked out.  They were opened just before our primary kids got there.  We asked four adults in our ward to share a little about the temple with our primary children.  One talked about family history, another about personal ordinances, another about covenants, and the last one about Baptism for the Dead.  It was great.

So glad so many kids showed up and brought their families. (This is actually most of the kids in our ward.)
We love to see the Temple!
This was a great thing to go and do the week before General Conference.  I really liked it on a Sunday evening.  Kids had the reminder at church that it was happening, they were all still dressed in church clothes, and we weren’t competing with sports, birthday parties, household chores, travel, or any of that.  It was even done in about an hour.

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  1. Mary C in WA says:

    September FUN! Your Girls are growing up! Nice to have the Service before the Women’s Broadcast. I missed having Social time at ours. Next time I’ll come join you! Hope school is Great for all the Grands this year.

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