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November 2016

on December 12, 2016

Apparently I’m a once a month blogger now… I used to have time to blog daily.  Kids are bigger now + working just makes it not work as well as it used to.  BUT, I won’t give up on writing blogs or reading them, no matter how much easier it is to share pictures on facebook.  I like having the real story behind the pictures (so when I catch up on my scrapbooking, I can write the story-Abby’s about six months old in my scrapbooks…)

Vincent and Olivia did the Ribbon Festival for piano early in November.  They each played an original song they wrote, a solo, a duet, a hymn, chords, scales, arpeggio, made a craft, and did the little hearing test to show that they could tell if one note was higher than the other, etc.
It was at a church in Richland that has the most pianos in Tri-Cities all in one place.  They went from room to room to perform and be judged by the group of teachers who put this on each year.

Picture of their duet.

Vincent’s hymn.

All those ribbons they earned!

On Veterans Day Abby wanted to make some art and a video for Uncle Jeff to thank him for his service.
Vincent’s teacher put up a poster in the hallway to celebrate Veterans from families in their class, so I sent her pictures of my Grandpa Gordon, Andy’s Grandpa Loel McClellan, and my brother Jeff.
November is Native American month at our local library, so they had this tepee set up in the library entry. Vincent and Abby thought that was fun.
Jason Lee Elementary PTA put on a Holiday Bazaar this year (for the first time in a long time!) Shirley got a booth and let Olivia join her with some little crafts too.  Omazing Olivia made bracelets, ornaments, and some cute tiny canvases (and she sold out.)
We ripped out the carpet in our family room the week before Thanksgiving to make way for a new wood floor.
Andy’s parents decided they wanted carpet in their bedroom at their house in the mountains because the wood was making it too cold, so they took it apart and brought it down to us. It was just the right amount for our family room.  We LOVE it!
I was crazy busy working nearly 40 hour weeks at work all month, but we found time to do a lot with family too.
Andy’s sister and her husband and four kids came to stay with us the day before Thanksgiving for three nights and it was a lot of fun to visit with them (when I wasn’t working) and for the cousins to play together.  And we managed with 12 people and one bathroom.
We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for Andy’s parents and semi-local siblings at 1pm (because I went to work at 4pm that night).  Olivia set the table and wanted to put her candles up too.
She made some napkin rings at Activity Days the week before Thanksgiving.
Grandpa George with Ezra and Abby hanging out in the living room while we made some final meal preparations.
A LOT of food.  We made the ham, potatoes, gravy, turkey, stuffing, and rolls and some pudding pies.  Sara did a veggie tray and helped me all morning.  Torrie brought green bean casserole and some pumpkin cookies.  Shirley made a salad and a pumpkin dessert. Susie and her boys came just for dessert and brought more pumpkin cookies (different kind) to share.  No one went away hungry and we had plenty leftover.  Success!
We set up a kid’s table with two of Shirley’s folding tables and chairs and made our big table seat 12.
Fun times at Thanksgiving!
The next day (after I worked another 8 hour shift-yes, that’s two 8 hour shifts), we had a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents in Kennewick. They were married ON Thanksgiving Day in Canada in the Cardston Temple.
My sister found some photo booth props that Vincent really enjoyed.  My brother came up from Wyoming to visit with his family.
Everyone else had fun with the photo props before I got there from work too (the surprise started early…)
My parents were very surprised and happy to see so many family members and friends.
And they really loved seeing so many grandchildren all at once!
We were just missing three of our family members.  It was a great celebration.
My aunt took a family picture for us that I’m not using on the Christmas card afterall…
Abby and Vincent got to open their Christmas cousin exchange presents from Sara’s kids while they were here. Sara made them each a chef hat and apron and gave them a few cookie cutters.  They didn’t like them initially, but have since worn them and loved them several times and always want to wear both the hat and the apron every time.
Silly girl.
 People sometimes wonder how I keep organized.  Right now I keep two magnet clips on the side of my fridge with things for each set of kids (only one for each school-elementary and middle).  Then when I need to look at something I have the information I need and when it’s done, I can toss it.
A few Sundays ago I got dressed in my new dress and was putting on mascara when Elizabeth came by and told me, “You look weird.”  I thanked her for that.  This is my weird dress (and shoes that match and are comfy!)
I’m a busy, busy worker bee this time of year, but I still love this season and all the goodness it brings out of so many people.  A friend of mine recently posted about a lady who was leaving an abusive relationship and needed some household items for her and her kids and it was amazing to see all the people offering things to help her get a fresh start.  The things may not have been big, and for I think all of us, the things were extras we didn’t need anymore, but all of our little things have turned into several loads of items to help this lady and her kids out.  I love that.  I love seeing my kids looking for just the right gifts to give each other and watching them take their time to decide and wrap them just right.
Merry Christmas all (because I’m pretty sure I won’t get to blog again before Christmas….)

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  1. Once a Day, Week or Month. It’s all good. Lots of good things to remember! You and your siblings made our Anniversary celebration so nice. We are so grateful for all that was done. Glad you got the floor put in. I hadn’t heard about what the children did for Veterans Day. Very nice to honor them

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