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December 2016

on January 1, 2017
We started December off with a concert for Olivia’s orchestra and a play for Elizabeth.

Olivia did a great job playing her violin with the combined middle school orchestras of Chief Joseph (her school) and Enterprise Middle School.  The place was packed!

Elizabeth was in the play, “Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis (Narnia’s most well known story).  She was a Minotaur for the White Witch’s army.  She really enjoyed that I wanted a picture.

I took photos for the drama teacher during both evening performances.  It was a fun challenge for me to figure out which settings worked best with the lights on the stage and not using a flash.  Some pictures turned out better than others, but I think I got a shot of every character.  Elizabeth helped a lot with the set and props and did a good job playing her character.

She and her co-minotaur pulled the White Witch’s carriage.
Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George came opening night.
Grandpa Paul and Grandma Mary came to watch too.
And the rest of us went the first night as well. Abby and Vincent have been reading all of the Narnia series with Andy at bedtime, so they were able to follow the story pretty well.  Abby pretty much talked the whole time and even called out Elizabeth’s name once….
Picture of the White Witch’s crew.
The second night our neighbors came to see the play.  Elizabeth smiled for the pictures with them…
It was super sweet of them to come and watch!
We decorated our Christmas tree the first Sunday in December.
Fun times.  Actually, it was great.  I got the boxes of decorations out and the kids all helped to put them up in record time, which was great because I worked a lot this month and I was exhausted!
We enjoyed our ward Christmas party.  Abby liked dancing to the dinner music Brother Cartwright played and a few kids followed her lead after they ate too.
Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit our ward after the Christmas party.
Abby wanted to sit on Mrs. Claus’s lap.
Vincent chose Santa’s lap.
And Olivia wanted to sit on Mrs. Claus’s lap too.
Elizabeth skipped the laps altogether. ;)
We got a LOT of snow this month!  We had a few two hour delays and two snow days.  We only had one snow day built in, so now school is extended one more day into the summer.  No fun, but the roads were slick and that’s not good either.
Vincent and Abby have been loving all the snow whenever they could.  They love to go play in it and make snow angels and have had a great time.
On one of the snow days, I was able to go to a friend’s house for a craft day.  I made these three nativities (one for each mom and one for me) and a few other fun crafts too and I even finished almost everything in just that one day.  I just had to bring the nativities home to let them dry before Andy put them together for me.
Abby had a SnowKid day in kindergarten, but I was working and Andy had an appointment for the car, so a friend from church went with Abby and took some pictures for me.  I’ve gone a few times before so I knew what was going to happen, but I was still sad to miss it.
Olivia had some friends over for a holiday party.  She planned the whole thing.  She made the invitations, printed out some madlibs to do while everyone showed up, we had pizza for dinner, she even planned a scavenger hunt!  The prize at the end of the scavenger hunt was this cute sleigh she’s holding that she made out of candy for each guest.
Fun crew of friends!  They did a gift exchange too and played Apples to Apples Junior and Catch Phrase.
I had an unusual Saturday off in December, so we headed up to the mountains.  It was beautiful!
We played in the snow some more….
We went for a drive in Andy’s parent’s new 4×4 that seats five (with seatbelts).
We enjoyed the mountain air and snow.
While we went on a drive (our buddy Nathan came too), Vincent and Abby stayed inside all cozy on the couch watching “The Grinch”.
Did I mention that Olivia loves the snow?
Grandma Shirley took this picture of these three in the snow at the mountain.
A friend who used to be in our ward before it split mentioned that she was decorating all alone and that she hadn’t done that before, so I volunteered some kids to come help and she said she had cookies, so we headed over through the snow and we decorated with her too.  She took a few pictures.
Fun snowy adventure.
Traditional Christmas morning picture.
The kids had a good time opening presents before church.
Olivia liked her makeup kit (that she can’t wear in public yet, but she asked Santa for).  Abby was quite interested in it too.
Olivia wasn’t sure what to think of the Kindle we bought her since she has an old slow tablet she bought herself a few years ago.
But she got pretty excited once she thought about it.
I found this fun Hobbit clock for Elizabeth.  Santa brought her a Nintendo DS.
Olivia picked out this bracelet maker for Abby and she’s loving it.

After church Nathan came over for lunch and a game or two.  Andy’s parents were sick so they came over the next day to exchange gifts.
My parents were sick too, so we just traded presents at their door and went to my little sister’s house to visit with her family and did our exchange there, which was perfect because we had each other’s family this year.  We played some games with them and had some snacks and then headed home.  It was so strange to have a Christmas without our parents though!  We still had a fun time and since it was on a Sunday we enjoyed going to church and singing carols and thinking more about the Savior on Christmas.
Merry Christmas from our family!
And Happy New Year too!

One response to “December 2016

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    It wasn’t much fun at our house. The Coughing has just hung on and on. Glad we were well enough to enjoy the Performances and Play. Too much fun -our resistance was down. Hope it’s over for the year. Thanks for coming for a quick trade at the door.

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