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January 2017

on February 6, 2017

Yes, I totally typed 2016 before backspacing and putting a 7 in there… A month or two ago I actually wrote 2013 (!) on something accidentally.  Time just keeps marching on.

Vincent and Olivia play duets sometimes at piano lessons.  They are both improving so much!  Olivia has just started a jazz and blues book.  Vincent can memorize almost any song and play it without the music and even without looking at the keys.

I have a friend who makes cookies every Sunday and gives them to friends, neighbors, whoever.  I got the making cookies done one Sunday at least, but we weren’t very good at sharing…. My mom used to make these peanut butter cookies with kisses all the time.  YUM!

We got SO much snow (for here) this year!  We’ve pretty much had constant snow on the ground since the week before Christmas.  Usually here it snows and within a day or two, a warm Chinook wind comes and it all gets melted.  Not so this year!
On top of the snow, it has rained ice and freezing rain several times between the layers.  Occasionally, we’ve had a warm day that helps to melt the bottom layer before it refreezes.  It’s made seven cancellations for our school district and many activities have had cancellations and changes to plans as well.
The yard garbage cans show a little bit of the amount of snow we have.
One of the rare days the kids went to school Andy and I were able to go up to pick up his car that was special ordered and built for his new job. It’s a new Ford Fusion and it’s so nice! But it was REALLY icy that day so we drove pretty slow getting there and back.
I didn’t take many pictures other than the rest of these birthday parties the end of the month. Abby turned SIX!  Olivia was our in-house party planner for both Abby’s and Vincent’s birthday parties.  She wrote the invitations, planned and explained the games, prepared a little take home gift, and even helped decorate the cakes. Their parties were on the same day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
She wanted to make wands for Abby’s party, but we found cute heart skewers at Dollar Tree, so she dressed those up with ribbon and hot glue instead.  They were great.
She made these felt headbands with glued on ‘jewels’.  Adorable.
Here’s my part.  I made and frosted a cake.  (It looks like the cake the fairy godmothers make in Sleeping Beauty! All lumpy and drippy, but the kids didn’t care and it tasted good!) Olivia added the cones, candles, and wrote on the cake.
Abby blowing out the candles.
Abby with some friends who came to the party.  They had a pretty great time, I think! (And one kept her own headband on.)
Silly girls with Party Planner Extraordinaire Olivia!
While we waited a few minutes for parents to pick up kids, we read a Miss Silly story that Abby picked.  A friend snapped this picture.
Vincent’s Lego cake.
Vincent turned NINE a few days after his party.
He invited some like-minded friends to his party.  They are all a lot of fun!
And the boys with Olivia.
Super fun January, but oh so cold!  I had to scrape my windshield many times after closing shifts at work and then drive home in the ice, but our main rig handles really well in the winter and I know to go slow, leave space between cars, and to take my time.
I’ve been goi

One response to “January 2017

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Yummy Cookies! I haven’t made them for a while. Nice that Vincent is learning to play Piano too. I have gifts to deliver when the weather isn’t so precarious to drive in. Monthly Posting seems to work for you.

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