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March 2017

on April 9, 2017

*Birthday*Walking*Track*Orchestra*Pinewood Derby*Lost Tooth*

SO much going on in March!

Andy had a birthday.  I found some fun Star Wars pictures to hang on the wall in the family room and a cool apron for him to go along with the kid aprons I found.

We made him a cake.  Vincent tried to blow out the candles first. (See picture below.)

But he missed some, so Andy was able to finish them off after he made his birthday wish.

We bought a triple bunkbed this month and built it in the girl’s room, which now includes Abby.  They all get to share a room and are getting used to different bedtimes.
Abby lost her first tooth at church and another just after church.  Our other kids were all in first grade before they lost their first teeth.
Olivia had a middle school orchestra concert. I was able to slip in just as the orchestra teacher started introducing her group.  Work is BUSY! Olivia played beautifully and we had several friends and family members there to support her.
She also sold some popcorn for an orchestra fundraiser and delivered it this month.

I took my two older girls to watch Beauty and the Beast’s remake.  It was beautiful and I thought it was well done.  The girls enjoyed it too.

Belle was in the foyer before the show.

We had two of Abby’s friends over after a half day (before parent-teacher conferences) to make some sugar cookies.  Abby was sad to miss a birthday for one of them because it was on a Sunday, so we invited her and another friend over to play.  They had a fun time.  I made the dough and frosting the night before.

Vincent and Abby had good reports at parent-teacher conferences.  Abby needs to work on learning to read more, but is doing well.  Vincent is doing great and just needs to make sure he turns in his homework.
Here’s a little story about Abby in kindergarten:

Abby was telling me about a boy in her kindergarten class and how they have crushes on each other.
I told her about how long it will be before she needs to worry about crushes and how she doesn’t need to hold hands or kiss or have a boyfriend yet.
She asked if she could hold his hand if they were running from zombies….
I told her that you’re more likely to fall if you hold hands and that she shouldn’t do that, even if they ARE running from zombies. (That’s a game the kindergartners play at recess apparently.)
Luckily the report after school today was that he was on the wall the whole recess as a punishment for something. (Great, a ‘bad boy’ too….)
Oh, dear! I’m going to have my hands full with this one!


Abby drew this picture of me on Vincent’s teacher’s dry erase table.  Looks about right.

Our Cub Scout Pack had our Pinewood Derby. Vincent made a green car with a tri-force on the front.  He’s loving Zelda/Link lately.

We combined with Duportail ward again.  They were in charge of the awards and one of their leaders made cute twinkie/oreo treats for each of the scouts.

I started walking again.  I’ve needed to for a long time.  I miss how nice it is to be outside, especially when the weather is still a little bit chilly.

We’ll be out walking a lot more now that Andy and I have been asked to be Pa and Ma on the Youth’s Pioneer Trek this June.  We went four years ago and had a great time.
Olivia went on a walk with me the other night to test out our new tennis shoes.  It’s nice to have a walking buddy.
I started a Facebook group for women in Richland who want to walk.  The idea is that if someone wants to walk, they post there and someone can post that they can walk at that time too and then they get out there walking.  Since my schedule varies so much, the times I’m available shifts too.
I ordered all of this awesome stuff from Hollar for around $20.  Stuffed animals, organizers, a scarf, bra, cool towels with Lego Mixels on them, a mug, silverware organizer, bag, plus a Morse code clock.  Really awesome prices. Click on my link above and sign up and you’ll get free shipping plus a $2 credit and I’ll get $2 credit too.  Those stuffed animals pictured were just $1 each! I placed another order just last week and I’ll let you know which treasures I found next time.
Elizabeth started track at the middle school.  She had her first meet the end of March at a middle school in Kennewick.  It was super cold and windy that day and I wasn’t the one in shorts!  She did the shot put, discus, high jump, and 100 meter dash.  She’s learning a lot and having a great time with her friends.

At least *I think* she’s having a good time.  A girl from our ward was smiling back at her on the other side of the line before their race.

They had a spirit week at the middle school before Spring Break.  Elizabeth worked hard on this costume of a character from a video game for Villain Day.

Check out the detail on that shield!

Vincent had some excitement the other night.  We were playing games on a Friday night and he mentioned that he had put an airsoft pellet in his ear earlier in the week.  He told us which ear hurt and I messaged a few nurse friends to ask for advice.  One was out of town, but gave me an idea and the other had a son bring us a baby suction bulb over to our house.  Andy worked on the ear Vincent said hurt for about 15 minutes and then Vincent said, “Maybe it’s actually in the other ear”.  It was.  Andy could see it in that ear and it was a much faster retrieval process.  The hook from my knitting loom set was what helped the most, but it made us nervous.  I told him to look sad for the picture.

Work has been busy for both Andy and I.  He’s spent quite a bit of time out of town traveling all over our region helping the salespeople and customers.  His work is picking up with the nicer weather since he can travel more now.

My work has been busy (always is and never seems to slow down because there’s always another truck and another area to dive into and clean up more, plus we do ‘sets’ that are for all Kohl’s stores for each month/season.  This one is for spring in purses.  There’s one area that is all white purses from all brands.  

That mannequin was added too and it keeps making me think there’s a customer there.  It looks easy, but it always seems to take too long to get things done because by the time I move what was in the spot back to where it goes, clean where it goes, and put it out, and then shift the next product out, take breaks as required by law, backup at registers, cover other people’s breaks, help customers, and do the job I’m supposed to do, it seems to take all day.

Once in March I was DONE with ALL of my freight.  It was amazing.  I took on this intimates and accessory job in August/September last year and I’ve never been totally DONE.  There’s always one more cart or one more bin when the next truck comes (which I take out first usually on truck day so it’s still getting done), but one day it was ALL DONE!  And the next day was truck again…. Constant process.


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