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May 2017

on May 31, 2017
The quilt Olivia made over Spring Break with Grandma Mary was in the quilt show in Pendleton this month.  It’s SO pretty!  She did a great job and is lucky to have a talented Grandma to teach her useful skills.
My mom and I went to an author signing about an hour away to meet Wanda Brunstetter.  She writes a lot of Amish romances, which are clean, spiritual, and fun to read.  My mom started reading her books because there were some set in a quilt shop and lent that series to me and since then I’ve checked almost all of her books out at our local library.  It was a fun little roadtrip.
I had another road trip to see my cousin to cut my hair this month.  She did some highlights for me and thinned it out a little so it lays nicely and chopped off several inches.  I’ve been wearing it straight more often this month.
My mother in law had a big crafting party at her mountain home the day before Mother’s Day.  Andy drove me up there and then took Vincent and Abby with him to go and see some sites and drive around.  I made these HOME letters that have a different O for each season (Snowman/Flower/Watermelon/Pumpkin) and they each even have another little seasonal thing to go with them.  I made it for my buddy Ally.  She was going to come, but has been under the weather a lot of the last few months and just couldn’t do it.
George made a delicious lunch for all of us crafty ladies.
I had a nice Mother’s Day morning.  Elizabeth made me some breakfast and Abby and Vincent helped her.  They all gave me nice cards and little gifts from school and church.
The youth took Primary over for the third hour so our teachers and presidency could go to Relief Society.  We had an excellent lesson all about the Savior.  I decided that if I could only go to one RS lesson a year, that was the perfect one!
We ate an early dinner and headed to Walla Walla to visit my mom.  
One of my brothers brought his three kids and my sister came over with her two boys.
It was a little too much for the living room at my parents and most of us ended up at the park a block or so away to let the kids play.  It reminded me of playing baseball in our backyard as a kid on Sunday evenings when the weather was nice.
Elizabeth said she’d play if I batted too.  I think I surprised her when I agreed.  I hit the first pitch even in my dress and without playing for a few decades.  Unfortunately, it was a fly ball right to my nearly professional nephew who caught it, but I hit it!
A nice picture with Grandma Mary and nine of her 21 grandchildren.
The elementary school had a volunteer breakfast the morning of the PTA Carnival.  The classes all made signs that said thank you and I found the hand Abby colored.
They had a photo booth that we had to try out.
And then I went home for a half hour nap before going with a friend to pick up ALL of the food for the concessions at the carnival.  It completely filled my Hyundai Veracruz. I made all of the back seats flat and Amanda even had the nacho cheese cans by her feet in the passenger seat at the end.  I helped in the concessions during the carnival.
Olivia has been practicing “Love at Home” with three other girls (two violists and two flutists) and a young lady who accompanied them on the piano.  They shared their song at the rest home when our ward was in charge of a Sunday evening service.

I know you want a video.  Go HERE to watch it. (This is with just two practices all together.)  They also played the last Sunday in May during Sacrament Meeting at church.
I thought that it would be fun to go on a hike as a family on a Monday evening since Andy, Elizabeth, and I need to make sure we are ready for the Trek this summer.  I heard that Candy Mountain trail was new and a little easier than Badger Mountain’s hike (which is mostly hard for me because one of the sides starts with a HUGE section of stairs).  We parked where Google said the trailhead was and started up.  We quickly figured out that this wasn’t quite as easy as advertised and actually wasn’t even the right trail!  The path we went on was a service road that firetrucks use if the mountain catches on fire or to do other maintenance at the top.  We forged on anyway.  Vincent, Olivia, and Abby are fast little hikers.
When he could see the top metal satellite/radio tower sticking up and we were close to the real trail, Andy told Olivia we’d meet them at the top and to wait there.  We took the winding path that led us mostly to the other side of the mountain (and lost Elizabeth somewhere along the way because she didn’t keep up and didn’t know where we went when I thought she was going to just give up and walk back to the car).  When Andy and I got to the top, no one was there and we couldn’t see the kids.  I thought I spotted Elizabeth at the car, but when I zoomed in with my camera, she wasn’t there.  Andy went back down the steep path (and I should have too!) to check on them (they were all at the car when he got down and they were just fine.)  I decided I wanted to try out the real path, so I went down the other way.  It took longer even going down because of all of the switchbacks and distance.  Eventually I shot out at the parking lot and started walking along the road to meet up with Andy and the kids and the car.  I left my phone at the house charging so it was just me and all peaceful and beautiful, but I wished I’d had it so I could call Andy and tell him where the parking lot was.  I walked a few more miles before I got to a gas station (where they wouldn’t let me use their phone) and borrowed a phone from a nice guy who was buying something there.  Andy and the kids had been waiting at the car for about 45 minutes for me to get there assuming the parking lot was closer or that I’d be there soon.  Needless to say, this was not the most successful hiking trip and everyone was GRUMPY when I got back to the car.
Andy and I hiked the real trail the next day without the kids and it was a nice, smooth, gradual climb with gravel trail and good weather.  My legs were sore though since I hiked so much the previous day.
And Wednesday the Young Women in our ward had a 5K Color Run to celebrate their Personal Progress.  They invited parents to come and Olivia threw some of the color along the path.  Elizabeth asked me to walk with her (and then ditched me for two other walkers and they were just ahead of me). This is the before picture when everyone was fresh and clean.  I don’t have the after one yet.  Everyone had a great time though!
Vincent is doing well in 3rd grade.  He and a buddy of his from church/cub scouts both memorized all of their multiplication facts.
With this nice weather comes a lot of testing for third graders.  As a treat their teacher did a bunch of fun things for them in the afternoons.  They each got sunglasses one day, outside chalk time for math another day, and reading outside.
We went to Rollarena for a school skate night early in the month.  Vincent and two of his friends hung out a lot there.  He’s getting really fast!
Another funny Vincent thing was that he wanted to give some of his donation at church to the Dearings (a family we know).  That’s not quite how those work… but I had to take a picture and send it to them.
Elizabeth and Abby were both featured artists in a school district art exhibit held at Washington State University Tri-Cities this month.  Their art teachers decided which works to add to the show.
I asked Elizabeth to stand next to her self portrait and try to make the same face.  She’s quite the artist!
She drew this portrait of Chief Joseph too.  I liked her detail.
Abby drew and colored the fish WAY up at the top of the area designated for our school.
Close up of the cutest fish ever.
We had Rory with us to go out and check out the art from students in our school district.
Abby was the only one who wanted a picture by the WSU in flowers.  I teased on Facebook that the clover in the front of the WSU sign spells out Cougars (their mascot).  Look really close!
No, no it doesn’t….
Abby’s kindergarten class had ladybug day.  The older three kids all had the same teacher, so I kind of know what to expect.  Elizabeth’s Ladybug Day HERE. Olivia’s Day HERE.  Vincent’s Day HERE.
They sang cute songs about ladybugs and showed a bunch of things they learned about ladybugs and then had a little snack and Abby and I read an adorable Ladybug book.
Abby REALLY liked singing!
Saturday I took Vincent and Elizabeth to the local library where they tried out for a local fanfilm of a Zelda story the son of one of my friend’s wrote.  I’ll let you know what comes of their audition sometime this summer.
Monday was Memorial Day.  I went to work in the morning and in the afternoon we headed over to Pasco where the traveling Vietnam memorial wall was set up.  I had no idea how many names were on the wall.  I thought each line was one person, but each line is several people!
I love this country and I’m so grateful to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
Some cool military trucks were set up.  Abby pretended to drive this one.
We are in front of a medic van.  The big black things between Abby and Vincent are walkie-talkies.  They are very big!
There are Veteran Memorials all around the park here.
One of our kids said they felt sad seeing all those names on the wall.  We told them that what they are feeling is a good thing because that means they know that it’s important to remember them and appreciate them.
We dropped off a bag full of Hot Wheel cars and Polly Pockets to a friend’s house on the way home.  She has a nephew on a mission in Africa and the missionary sees kids playing with Hot Wheels in the dirt there, sometimes even without wheels!  What happy little souls he must be meeting there.  Anyway, they are collecting small toys for the missionary to give away to kids while he’s out so we went through all of our small collections and found a lot to give away to kids who need them.
And after all the good stuff, we headed to Jason and Ally’s for a Birthday BBQ Swimming Party.  It was a great day for swimming.  I like their pool because in the afternoon there is a part in the shade and part in the sun, so if you get too hot in the sun you can move to the shade (mostly for me with fair skin since I don’t want to burn.)
Vincent can do little backwards somersaults now in the pool.
Elizabeth and Olivia played a bunch of games together and were laughing and having a good time.
Abby isn’t super confident in the water so we borrowed a swim float for her to wear to kick around the pool.
Happy birthday, Jason!  Thanks for the BBQ Ally!
Olivia likes their dog Demi.  Demi doesn’t like the pool much.
Last week I took the kids over to Ally’s pool to swim one day after school when it was really hot.  I got the kids all sunscreened and blew up the giant shark a neighbor gave us and when Abby tried out the shark, it tipped her right off.  Olivia and Rory were on one side of it and couldn’t get to Abby (who wasn’t wearing the vest then) so Ally jumped in to rescue her.
We decided the whale needed more air and a spotter to help steady it.
Abby even tried again a little later.  Rory helped her out with her special horse trainer skills.
In other news, I’ve given my notice at Kohl’s.  I’m too stressed out there and I’m frustrated by a lot of things and a part-time job shouldn’t be this hard both on my body and well-being.  I’ve decided to stay home with the kids this summer and reevaluate in the fall what I want to do/if I want to work.  I’m excited to play more this summer with the kids and be together!  I just have a few shifts left before I say, “Adios!” to Kohl’s (at least working there.  I’ll still shop there because I love the deals!)
Olivia had a final sixth grade orchestra concert tonight (the last day in May).  She was in the middle in the back though so I couldn’t see her during the performance this time, just her bow moving as she played.  This is the most I saw of her face just before they started.
I caught her afterwards.  They did a great job!  She’s always improving.  We have arranged with a high schooler we know to teach her and a friend this summer once a week.  She’s excited about that!
Video clip of the first song HERE.
Second song HERE.

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  1. It’s a pleasure to teach someone who wants to learn. She was very creative in her choices. That made it even more fun. The Amish books were found at a bookstore downtown Walla Walla. Thanks for all you shared in May! I wish that 52 miles didn’t seem so long. The art, the music, the fun things the children are doing. I am grateful for the technology that allows you to share.

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