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July 2017

on August 2, 2017
We went up to Andy’s parent’s place for a visit on the 3rd of July and stayed the night so we spent the 4th of July with them. We attended their ward’s breakfast and played most of the day.  We also went up the Saturday before so we could see Andy’s sister and family who were in town for a few days.  Home again Sunday to do our callings and back up.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Abby if it’s a day to play outside.  She still wants to wear skirts all the time. She’s holding a little rubbery fish her grandparents found in the Bahamas when they went with Andy’s sister in June.

Airheads and Sprite.  Vincent was quite color-coordinated.

Elizabeth with Grandma Shirley and Olivia.

Andy with two of his little sisters.

Fourth of July breakfast flag ceremony.  These scouts did a great job!

I like to get a picture of the mountain each time I go up to the mountain.  I zoom in a lot to get this shot from their porch.

We went home on the 4th to play games with friends and then made popcorn to eat while we sat on the front lawn to watch the neighbors shoot off fireworks.

They were a little crazy this year.  When they started teasing each other with fireworks, we decided it was time to take the kids inside….

Free Slurpees at 7-11 on July 11th.
Olivia went off to Beehive Camp.  She’s not 12 quite yet, but had special permission to attend since she’s in the same grade as all of the other first year girls and turns 12 this summer.  We had Stake Beehive Camp because our stake had trek this summer.  They just had some YCLs to help for the older girls this year.  She had a great time!

Olivia next to the A frame our girls stayed in.

One day Aunt Torrie came by to pick up whoever wanted to go play at a park with her girls.  She even took some pictures for me.  I couldn’t go because I had other plans that day. =(

Looks like they had a good time!

Olivia has been fixing Abby’s hair all summer and takes pictures sometimes.  I think she likes having her own little doll to play with (at least when Abby holds still!)

Cute braids!

We were invited by a friend to crash a neighboring ward’s party at their pool and park.  They were playing Slip and Slide Kickball.  The bases were blow up pools and there was a slip and slide along the third base to home side.  The kids liked it a lot!

Vincent was the first one to try out the slip and slide.  It had to get wet first. (They used a hose from a ward member’s house on the other side of the fence.)
We are lucky to have friends we can call when we NEED a swimming afternoon.  Elizabeth often wants to stay home where it’s quiet so she can draw or read or just relax without everyone here.  All the girls who were in the pool piled onto the blow up alligator and were tossed over a few times.

Abby is starting to get more confident.  She is able to swim a few feet without floaties now and even keeps her face in the water.

When we stop by the library Vincent and Abby always want to play chess.  This day I let them.  They did pretty good for beginners.


 Olivia came with us to the elementary school library a few times.  Sometimes she’d even walk Vincent and Abby over if I was busy with other things so they could return their books.  She and Vincent played some checkers and she creamed him.  They have arranged several chess/checkers tournaments this summer at our house.
My Uncle Derlyn passed away this month.  He is my mom’s older brother.  It was unexpected, but without suffering.  He was always so fun and nice and ready to go and do things.  He used to be a firefighter a the Grand Coulee Dam and would take us on tours there in the summertime when we were little and then we’d watch the laser light show overlooking the side of the dam.  We’d go tubing behind his boat and one summer we were there for the Fourth of July and my oldest brother brought a suitcase full of fireworks to light off and joined up with everyone else’s stash of fireworks and it was fun to watch.

He did a lot more in his life than I had ever heard about until his funeral because I wasn’t around for most of his life and didn’t get to hear all of the other stories.  He was good friends growing up with a man in our ward in Richland and he was able to speak at the funeral about him.  They kept in touch all of these years and even spoke just a few days before he passed away.  Really cool.

He requested one last ride in a fire truck.  The fire department did a little ceremony and took him on his last ride.

Andy and I bought tickets to a Jack Johnson concert for our anniversary.  It happened to be the same day as the funeral was so we made a little road trip of it and left the kids at home.  It was hot, but a lot of fun.

John Craigie opened the show.  He’s from Portland and is a songwriter.  His songs were fun.

The Avett Brothers were the next opener.  I hadn’t heard of them before, but liked their music and instruments and songs.

The sunset at the Gorge in George is so pretty!

The Columbia River is right behind the Amphitheater.  Gorgeous!

Jack Johnson’s concert was awesome!  I’ve never been to a real concert before (I don’t count the time I went to a Barry Manilow concert with my mom using the tickets she won from a radio station when I was 15…)  I’ve seen a few performers passing through the fair, but don’t really count those either.

I like several other singers/bands more than Jack Johnson, but I do NOT like that so many of them have songs that are cleverly edited to be on the radio so the swear words are cut out and I didn’t want to hear that filth, so I chose Jack Johnson knowing his songs are clean and fun and not full of stuff I don’t like.

SO much fun to listen to his music!  Love his Hawaiian roots approach and fun sounds.

I made up a Powerpoint game for my sharing time the 23rd of July (luckily I made it the Sunday before so I was all ready even after the day trip.)  Elizabeth helped me make it better since she knows how to animate things on Powerpoint.  I came up with 8 questions based on the game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.  I changed Millionaire to Pioneer.

I asked a lady in our ward to dress up like a pioneer (I took a bonnet, apron, and long skirt for her to add to her church clothes) for “Ask a Pioneer” instead of “Phone a Friend”. We had a Poll the Teachers instead of Poll the Audience.  I changed money to miles as well so it would be more appropriate for Sunday and pioneers.  I had everyone raise their hands to choose the right answer instead of putting one on the spot.  It worked out really nicely and they learned some new things.  I shared it on a facebook group I’m a part of that shares ideas for Primary so people all over used it in their pioneer sharing times too.  Loved it!  Once in a while I come up with clever ideas.

Olivia started a little violin boot camp with a friend learning from a friend of ours who is a sophomore this year and an excellent violinist.  We will meet with her several times in August so Olivia and her friend will be more ready for seventh grade orchestra and they can ask any questions they have.  We are paying the high schooler friend too so she’ll get some good experience with this and it’s worth her time. 

We are looking forward to the last month of summer and don’t have too much planned to finish out summer since we did so much in June.  We didn’t have any official out of town family reunions this year, but have a few next summer.  The kids have enjoyed playing with Legos, drawing, reading, watching too many movies, and hanging out with neighborhood friends.  Andy has been gone on work trips several weeks this summer, so we are having dinners that are easy and things he doesn’t like.  I’m working through my reading pile and even cleared out enough downloaded books on my kindle to do a factory reset to clean it up (couldn’t do what I needed to do without doing it that way unfortunately.) I still have tons of real books to read and hundreds of kindle books in the stash, but the downloaded ones I got other places are almost all off of it.


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  1. It’s been a busy enough Summer. Our family is having a Mini Reunion when Jeff comes home. I’m excited to have everyone together! Glad that you have had a bit of Fun!

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