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April 2018

on May 6, 2018

April 1st already seems like so long ago, but also like yesterday.  The months are flying by!
We had Spring Break the first week in April.  Andy was in California for the week working, so I took a few days off work to hang out with the kids (not the whole week since there aren’t many employees where I work).

Easter was April 1st this year which was also General Conference (which was fantastic!)  I loved every single session of conference and I’m excited about the updates to programs and quorums and the Temple announcements.  The announcement about Elders Quorum and High Priest Group made for a month of limbo not quite knowing what would happen with Andy’s Elders Quorum calling and then having to wait an extra two weeks after we did find out because of our Stake Conference (also fantastic!)  BUT, it was finally announced last week that Andy is our ward’s new Elders Quorum President (again) and yes, I’m still Primary President…for now.  He kept one counselor and got one of the High Priests who was a leader in that group to balance them out.  They will do a great job.

Spring Break Day 1:
Started off the week with a 10am quick visit to the dentist (yea!) so he could see if Abby’s retainer could be placed back in.  It came out on Easter and you’d think it was because of jelly beans or something like that, but no, it came out when she was brushing her teeth.  The dentist was able to bend it back and reglue it in to keep her teeth where they go (fingers crossed!)

We followed that up with a quick stop into Fountain Books to get the next books in a series Olivia started that I bought Vincent for Christmas: Michael Vey.  She is flying through them and needed the next book before I finished work that Thursday.

At noon Andy’s Aunt Tricia and his two cousins who are Elizabeth’s and Olivia’s ages came to see us.  We had lunch and played games. And Abby beat all of the older kids at Uno.
We had an hour break before Uncle Brant and Aunt Tina and their six kids and Grandma Mary came to see us.
We went bowling (Grandma and Elizabeth went shopping) and then went to a park to play.  We decided it was dinnertime and I didn’t want to send them an hour away to Grandma’s to eat, so I called Elizabeth, who was home by then, to make some tacos for dinner and they were ready when we got back from the park. 

Our kitchen sink was backing up and not draining correctly and leaking a bit, so I asked Brant to check it out. I guess that’s payment for the dinner?  Fair warning that when Andy’s out of town, I may have honey-do projects… The fix worked good enough, but it still wasn’t draining quite right, so I just skipped using the dishwasher for most of the week.
We finished up the evening with a haircut for Vincent.  Olivia took care of that and did a good job and then she wanted to go to the store to buy supplies for a friend’s birthday party that she wanted to host for her here.  She came up with some fun crafts and invited friends and made the cake and everything.

Spring Break Day 2:
Andy’s sister came to Andy’s parent’s place in the mountains for their spring break, so we met them there to hang out for the day.  We had lunch and dinner there and the kids played and played.  It’s always good to see them!

Passenger took this picture…Our Hyundai Verscruz is a fantastic car. We got it nearly 11 years ago and haven’t had to fix anything more than regular wear and tear and maintenance things. Too bad they quit making this model or that’s all we’d ever buy. Driven to Nevada, Disneyland, Ohio, Yellowstone, Colorado, Wyoming, camping, and grocery trips.

Spring Break Day 3:
We didn’t have any plans this day, but one of Vincent’s school friends gave him a call and asked if we could meet him at a local park where he was playing.  It was rainy, but fun.  I read a book on my kindle while they ran around and played.  Came home for lunch and had an easy afternoon and then reading before bed.

Spring Break Day 4:
-Back to work for me. And I’ve been working there for just over six months and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Yea! (seriously, best job ever!)
-Rained all day.
-Babysitting for Elizabeth and Olivia. One of them even had a paying babysitting job….
-Playing for Vincent and Abby.
-Pizza for dinner after a phone call request from Abby telling me she didn’t know what to make for dinner (she’s on kitchen this week) and a request for pizza. Sounded great to me too, so I picked up Dominoes on the way home-ordered it from my phone after I clocked out and it was ready when I got to Richland.

Spring Break Day 5:
-Kids hung out at home while I worked. Vincent built a pretty scary looking train track, but there were guardrails on that steep corner, so all is well.
-My lilacs are starting to bloom! They are my favorite.
-Abby made french toast for dinner.
-Went to an amazing meeting to learn how to teach more like the Savior with about a thousand other people and Devin Durrant who is the First Counselor in the General Sunday School Presidency.  The meeting was for eight area stakes and included all Sunday School teachers and a member of each auxiliary presidency.
-Andy flew home from his work trip to San Francisco and met me at the meeting and we had dinner afterwards.

We had a Family Home Evening Risk activity.  We played until Andy and I wiped out all of the kids (technically Elizabeth forfeit after we beat out Abby, Vincent, and Olivia so she could go to bed and be rested for school the next day).  Andy played a few more times with them the following days to help them with the way some of them react to losing…but it was fun to play together!


I came home Saturday night after closing at work and then two back-to-back wedding receptions with Andy to find Olivia had put Abby’s hair in curlers.  Took a picture on our way in to church the next day.  Elizabeth went early with Andy so he could practice with the choir for the number they were singing at church.

I had a day off and met Vincent’s Destination Imagination team at the Safety Expo in Pasco.  They spent the whole school day there going to all of the fun booths with their coach and other DI teams and other school groups from our area.  They had an instant challenge and I was able to watch it this time since I worked during the competition.

Later that night was the CLOT TROT!  This was the 11th annual event to raise awareness about blood disorders that Andy’s former boss’s son started for an Eagle project.  We (me and the three older kids) have been to ALL of them! Andy was traveling for work for some of them and Abby wasn’t born yet for a few of them.  We met some friends there and walked the mile with them.

I put Abby to work doing her chore after school when she wanted to play outside.  A little encouragement never hurts!  Work before play.

After getting some leftover food out for a few kids for dinner, Andy checked the mail and found Elizabeth and Olivia’s report cards.  They both did a great job, but Olivia had straight A’s and that was all the extra reason we needed to take her out to dinner to celebrate.  (I took Elizabeth out for DQ when we got home to celebrate her A’s and B’s.)  Vincent and Abby both had a good report at parent-teacher conferences too.

Our elementary school PTA does a Morning with Mom and Donuts with Dad each year.  So much fun to go with these kids!

After the donuts, they still wanted the breakfast, so we went over to the cafeteria for them to eat there too.  (Our school is one of the schools in our area with a lot of low-income kids, so they started having free breakfast and lunch to anyone who wants it and we take advantage of that.) When Abby finishes, I guess she likes to help clean up, so she asks the lady in charge if she can help and dons gloves to clean up trays and help other kids with trash.  Nice.

My dad asked Elizabeth and Olivia if they could babysit some kids from Walla Walla while their siblings and parents went to the Temple on a Friday evening.  I decided to go with them so they wouldn’t be alone in the stake center (and was glad I was there with all of the people coming in and out to decorate for the next day and do other things there).  They babysat 15 kids and a lot of Walla Walla families were able to go to the temple.

They had the kids all circle up and they played a name game and some other games before heading to the gym for more games and fun.  They did really great, especially for not even knowing these kids ahead of time.

Olivia was part of the district showcase.  I texted grandparents about two hours before it started to tell them about it (I forgot to give advance warning) and my parents decided to drive over to support Olivia.  She did a wonderful job and even had two solos in their piece.  Video HERE.
We had the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  Vincent cut his car in March with Grandpa George and Grandma Shirley.  Olivia helped him paint/color it.  Andy and Vincent put on the wheels and weights and he was ready.  Still didn’t win, but he had fun!
April 30th is the 65th Wedding Anniversary of grandparents.  I love and miss them so much!  They were and still are great examples of thriftiness, humor, love, kindness, patience, faith, and so much more!
Aprils done and Mays begun!  Countdown to SUMMER!

One response to “April 2018

  1. Mary A Crowther says:

    We fill our days with all sorts of FUN, don’t we? Glad we got to play a little with you last month.

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