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October 2018

on November 2, 2018
Olivia finished up her volleyball season this month.  They played hard and got better with each game they played.  She is a go-getter.
But volleyball, zero hour orchestra, advanced classes, and church activities make this girl kind of exhausted.  One day after practice she came home to start some chores and a few minutes later I found her in her room asleep in a heap.

Andy and I were able to go to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding in Logan, Utah this month.  I dropped the kids off at Grandpa and Grandma Ransom’s and then came home and we drove to Boise one night and then to Ogden the next day.  We visited Andy’s sister for a few minutes before going to Lagoon to ride the fun rides.  We drove past the amusement park in the summer and the kids all said it looked too scary, so we decided to go without them.  I hadn’t ever been and Andy hadn’t been for close to 20 years.  It was so fun!  The wedding was Saturday and it was beautiful.  We had a great trip and it was fun to spend time together.

Vincent and Abby had a jog-a-thon at the elementary school.  They had fun.
Open house/family night/book fair/trick-or-treating was the next week at the elementary school.  Vincent and Abby wore a safety suit that Vincent got at a safety expo a few years ago.  They said they were siamese twins.

Our primary put on a ward carnival.  There were great games and treats and a lot of fun.  (Me-Chef, Olivia-Librarian, Vincent-Bobba Fett, Abby-Queen of Hearts).

Abby lost her second front tooth.  Maybe she’ll get them in for Christmas. lol.
Olivia bought some jewelry making supplies and asked Abby to model them for her and she took pictures.  She’s stamping letters on metal mostly.  Abby’s little side smile here makes me imagine her when she’s about 15 instead of 7….


Halloween was fun.  I worked for the first part of the day and wore a CTR super cape.  Then we went to the Uptown Shopping Center for their trick-or-treating.  Olivia-Dolphin, Vincent-Link, Abby-Queen of Hearts.  They have one of the painted pianos there, so Vincent played the theme song for Zelda’s Link.  We came home and had tacos that Elizabeth made and then left Elizabeth and Olivia home to answer our door while we went to visit a few special people in Kennewick.  First stop: Grandma Ellen (who gave handfuls of pennies because they had doctor appointments all day and forgot about candy, so we called the pennies treasure).  Second stop: Sam and Bonnie (Andy used to work for Sam.  Always good to see them!)  Third stop: Pat (who lives next door to the house Andy’s parents used to own.  Vincent and Abby played some piano for her and we got a lot of hugs. She said it made her Halloween that we dropped by.)

On the way home, Andy dropped Vincent, Abby, and I off a few blocks away at a trunk-or-treat a friend asked us to go to.  We voted on which car’s decorations we liked most and they got cotton candy.  Then we trick-or-treated all the way home.

October may have 31 days, but somehow it always feels shorter.  Love being able to spend time together though!


One response to “October 2018

  1. October did seem to go by faster than most years. Love all the pictures of the kids and their activities. Yep, Abby does look a bit older than 7 in that picture. Glad you got to go to Lagoon with Andy. The wedding was just one highlight of the month for me.

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