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November 2018

on December 13, 2018
Vincent and Abby had a lovely time performing several piano pieces at Ribbon Fest today. Vincent earned 11 ribbons and Abby got 8 ribbons. I even got a picture of them with their teacher from our ward, Audrey Clark. She is so patient with them and encourages them so much. Abby just started lessons this fall with her (after some summer lessons with a college age girl we know).  Vincent has been doing lessons for about three years.
Vincent Solo Video
Abby Solo Video 
We hosted a Nativity Sneak Peek at work early in November.  The owner, Ben, wanted a picture of the three of us (our seasonal gal had the night off).  It’s so much fun to work at Fountain Books.  I absolutely love it (I mean, I’d still rather hang out at home in pajamas and read, but if I need to have a job, this is my dream job!)  My co-workers are great and we all get along so well.
Even on my days off, I end up doing work related things…. like within one week, I helped set up the book fair at the middle school on a Friday, worked Saturday, worked Monday and Tuesday, and then on my day off that week (Wednesday), hung out at the middle school from 8am-7pm so the chairperson could have the day off and to help cover the parent-teacher conference time that evening, and then back to work Thursday, help take down the book fair Friday and then close at work.  It was a crazy week, but I love books.  Also, bonus, I was able to compile some pretty great lines from the middle school students.

Welcome to a little segment I like to call, “Overheard at the Middle School Book Fair”. Enjoy:
1. “I accidentally put my car pencil sharpener down while I went to play soccer at lunch and when I got back, it must have rolled away and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Will you give me another one?” (Answer: Um, no.)
2. “Why are the little things back there? I can’t see them (ie: play with them and possibly ‘accidentally’ put them in pockets). Answer: You can see them. If you need to see anything closer, I can show it to you…. -We put the small trinkets up on a counter behind a table with one of the book fair helpers there to assist with bigger items on the table. It’s been MUCH nicer the last few years.
3. “These slips of paper are green. Can I pay with them?” (Talking about the drawing slips given to them from the librarian…)
4. When I asked someone to stop scratching the tablecloth with her fingernail and ripping the plastic, she said, “Why? These are cheap and you can buy another one?”
5. “If I break something, who pays for it?”
6. “Can I take pictures of the books I want to show my mom?” Answered by librarian: Sure. Then she took pictures and was leaving. The librarian told it would cost her $1 a picture due to copyright laws. The girl was about ready to delete them all before the librarian told her she was joking.
7. Sad one: “I don’t like books. They aren’t interesting.” 

Olivia was one of the middle schoolers invited to join a CBMEA (Columbia Basin Music Educator’s Association) Honor Orchestra composed of mostly 7th and 8th grade students from Richland and Kennewick. CBMEA invited Kirk Moss (famous composer and conductor) to arrange three pieces for the kids to learn and he came to teach and conduct them Friday afternoon and most of Saturday. I love these extra opportunities for her to learn!

(She’s hidden in the group picture, but she’s behind the boy in the glasses on the bottom right side. No, she didn’t wear her volleyball sweatshirt to perform.)
She also got nearly straight A’s this quarter, so she got her dinner reward with Andy and I and our buddy Nathan too.

Olivia asked if she could cut Abby’s hair so it was all one length and I said yes.  Now Abby’s bangs are officially grown out.  I love her little haircut.
Vincent played Ultimate Ball after school through the intermurals his PE teacher sets up. It’s a made up game that mixes a little football, a little basketball, and some other fun things. The kids love it.
See him in the corner? That’s where he hung out while his team was on defense on the opposite side of the gym… I asked him why he was there during their halftime and he said then when they get the ball, they can throw it to him. Um, not sure that’s how teamwork works…but ok. (He was more involved during the second half.)
A few days later Vincent’s team played in one final game to determine the fifth grade champions. His team lost, but he enjoyed the season.  He was actually quite frustrated that day because he struggles remembering things even with reminders and extra chances and that day he forgot the signed permission slip to bring home a project from school that was an ecosystem in a pop bottle with real fish in it.  Because he didn’t get his slip turned in, and it was time for parent-teacher conferences and then Thanksgiving break, the teacher tossed out the extras that weren’t claimed and he was super sad that the fish were going to die.  But then he cried through most of that match and got frustrated with his team…


Vincent skipped a piano lesson one week and went to a science night at the middle school with his piano teacher and her grandson who is his friend.  She even sent me pictures.  They had a fun time together exploring.
Jason Lee had a bazaar again this year.  Shirley got a booth and Olivia asked her if she could use a corner of it for her jewelry she made.  She loves to make stamped necklaces and bought a bunch of supplies for it herself.  She sold a few at the bazaar and enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George for the day.
Image may contain: indoor
No picture of this one, but at church Olivia usually sits at one end of our pew with Vincent and Abby on either side of her and they share a hymnbook and really sing out during the songs.  I love hearing them praise in song.  One day in particular, the song was, “There is Sunshine in My Soul”.  Apparently, they really like that song.  Me too!
Abby was obsessed with calendars for a big portion of November.  She wanted to make us calendars.  Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that the months don’t all start on Mondays… And the squares are way too small for us to use.  I actually have a giant desk calendar that I attach to my fridge to keep track of everything going on with us.  I thought her motivation and persistence was excellent though. She’s learning a lot in second grade.
Image may contain: 1 person
Thanksgiving was spent up at Andy’s parent’s place with two of his sisters and their families.  One sister moved across the country a week later, so we wanted to spend more time with them.  Dinner was excellent as always and we had a good time visiting.  Nathan came with us for Thanksgiving and is headed to visit his family in Idaho/Utah for Christmas.
Table pictures:
Sara and I took each other’s family pictures for our Christmas cards while we were there too.  Luckily we took ours outside BEFORE dinner because just after we ate, I looked out the window and the rain was pouring!  I’ll show the picture after I send them out. =)
Sara’s family came to stay with us on Friday night.  We love our cousins and these kids all get along so well that it’s worth squishing in our three bedroom, one bathroom house with 12 people.  We set up the air mattress for Sara and David and their littlest slept on the loveseat and the other three took over Vincent’s room (bunkbed and a camping cot) and Vincent slept on the floor in our room.  It worked. We gave Sara and David their sibling Christmas exchange gift early. It was Harry Potter Clue.  So we set that up and played it.  Really fun!  Sara took this picture Saturday morning just before they left (after I left for work.)
The tree was decorated after church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Olivia is usually the ringmaster who wants to help get everything out and set up.  She gets so excited about holidays.  Grandma Mary made fun little light up tree ornaments for everyone this year with their initials on them with beads.  Very inventive.
I love Christmas and the holiday season (even though I work more and sometimes even at my store we get some characters as customers…we also have great moments with sweet customers who find just the right gift for someone and who come back and tell us they loved our last suggestion and want something else for that person.  It’s the best!)  I love that we can remember the Savior more and focus more on others and things that they might like.  I like giving surprises for gifts and spending time with my family.
Also, I love sweets and turkey and all the music in concerts and on the radio and all of the fun that comes with the season.

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  1. Mary Crowther says:

    November Blog in December, lol. Glad the Lighted ornament Trees worked. I had fun finding all the initails! Love reading the rest of the story from the pictures.

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