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January 2019

on February 3, 2019
Our winter break was extra long this year because our district went to school through Friday, December 21st before starting it.  We had two full weeks off still and the kids didn’t have to go back until January 7th.
While we had some time together we made a trip up to Andy’s parent’s house in the mountains.  By then most of the snow they had was melted, but the girls still went on a picture walk with me and tried to skate on the hill of ice.
Andy played Risk with Vincent and his dad while we were walking.  Then he played with Abby too.  And then they were on a Risk kick and wanted to play every day.  Luckily, Andy was home and took the week off of work so he was available to play.
Vincent loves it when he gets gifts that involve him building things.  This one was one of his Christmas gifts.
I was very busy working most of the month.  We are only closed on Sundays, but I worked all but five of the days we were open in January.  It was kind of exhausting, but I still love my job.  I was also asked to be the manager of the clothing side and the social media for both sides here and two other bookstores they own.  Now it’s a little more balanced with the bookstore manager and I and she’s not quite as overwhelmed with all of it while she is finishing her master’s degree.
Abby turned EIGHT this month. Time flies!
I met my parents at the temple one day to take pictures of her in the dress I wore when I was eight and was baptized.  My mom bought it for me and then my sister wore it, Elizabeth and Olivia wore it, and my niece wore it too.  Now Abby has as well.  It’s a great tradition and so pretty!
Abby asked to be baptized on her birthday.  I’m grateful for her decision to be baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and her faith in Christ.
The following day we had a few friends over to paint birdhouse and little jewelry boxes with Abby for her birthday party and to have some cake. It was casual and fun.
Abby and I decorated the ‘8’ cake with M&M’s like a picture we found online.
Abby and her buddies at the end of the party.  Gotta have good friends.
The following week was Vincent’s 11th birthday.  He is learning and growing too and enjoys games and reading and building things.
Andy was in California on his birthday, so I bought some pizza and some ice cream cake from DQ and we had a little party.  The kids decided it would be fun to put 35 candles on the tiny ice cream cake for all three of their birthdays (Elizabeth will be 16 on February 6th).  The room was a little hazy…
Love these birthday kids!
Olivia wasn’t totally forgotten this month.  She started organ lessons with her piano teacher.  We ordered the special organ shoes and a few organ music books and she had her first lesson.
It’s been a great start to the year.


One response to “January 2019

  1. Mary Crowther says:

    I’m so glad we could be there with Abby for the Temple pictures. The dress has been well worn! You have been Busy celebrating Birthdays. Congrats on your Promotion.

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