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June 2019

on July 16, 2019
It was a lot of fun to get to help at Abby’s 2nd grade field day the beginning of June.  I love seeing her with her friends and her intensity during the tug-of-war.    She and one of her friends kept trying to sneak away to find and catch bees.  Apparently that’s something they like to do at recess…. Probably not the best idea.
Abby had a dentist appointment for a cleaning and came out without cavities, so Andy and I took her out to dinner at her favorite, Texas Roadhouse.  She got a little steak and plenty of rolls.  Andy decided this was a good thing to do a year or two ago because going out to eat is special, but still less expensive than fillings.
While we’re on the topic of teeth, Olivia got her braces off in June.  The top pictures are her before and after getting her braces on and the bottom pictures are the before and after getting them off.  She’s pretty excited to go to high school without braces.

Elizabeth took her driving test (in the rain) and passed it, so she drove herself and Olivia to school the final week of school. So excited for this new adventure and her newfound freedom (and mine!)

One of Elizabeth’s first tasks after getting her license was taking Abby to a baptism for a boy in our ward and then taking her to a mother-daughter birthday painting party while I worked.  They both painted sea stars and had a good time.

Elizabeth sewed her t-shirts together over Spring Break and my mom quilted it and bound it.  Elizabeth was thrilled to see it completed and promptly put it on display on our living room couch.
Vincent finished fifth grade and is moving up to middle school.  A friend took this picture of him for me because Andy and I went out of town the last few days of school to go to his niece’s wedding in Utah.
One of Olivia’s friends sent me a cute picture of them on the last day of 8th grade.  They are moving up to high school, but will be going to different schools.
Andy and I took some time the night before the wedding to go to the Salt Lake Temple.  Neither of us had ever done an endowment session there before and it is scheduled for an intense remodel the end of the year and we wanted to go.  It was beautiful and intricate and very interesting.

Andy’s niece Kate got married just two days before our 18th anniversary, so I was all nostalgic anyway, but then I remembered this picture from our wedding in the Portland Temple.  That little girl who ran up to give me a hug was our niece Kate.  So, so sweet!

And now Kate is married herself!  Josh is a nice guy and it was great to meet his family and visit with Andy’s sister and her family.
Can you spot us in the big group picture?

Because I’m nostalgic this time of year, I thought I’d post a picture of the day I went through the Spokane Temple for the first time a few days before our wedding.  Andy and I are with our parents afterwards.

My mom posted a cute collage of me on my birthday/anniversary/Father’s Day.
She also watched our kids while we were in Utah. They aren’t old enough to be left alone overnight yet.  It was a huge help to know they were taken care of.
Happy Father’s Day/Anniversary to Andy!
My favorite fathers on Father’s Day:  Andy with Elizabeth and Olivia at Disneyland, my dad with Vincent, Andy’s dad with Ezra and Vincent, and my Grandpa Gordon.
I had a few extra days off work when I got home from our trip, so I was finally able to take the kids over to my friend’s house to swim. We caught up with each other’s lives while we watched the kids swimming.
Elizabeth and Andy helped at Cub Scout Day Camp for our ward with the Sun Dial station.  They lucked out and got a shady spot.

The next week Elizabeth and Olivia headed to Girl’s Camp.  Elizabeth went up a day early to help set everything up as a YCL.  She also helped with some of the classes, and took charge of a course on maps, which by all accounts was hilarious and fun and informational.  One of my friends who has a daughter Olivia’s age said Elizabeth could be a stand-up comedian.  I’m glad she worked so hard and was so helpful at camp.  She was frustrated some of the girls didn’t want to sleep when it was time to sleep, but other than that, she had a great time.

Olivia LOVES Girl’s Camp.  She looks forward to it every year.  This year our stake changed how they arrange the girls and camped by grade levels instead of by wards.  She was worried about this at the beginning because our ward has always really enjoyed their time together, but the freshman group of girls is pretty great and one of her friends from school came with a friend in another ward too, so it was nice they could all be together.

Freshman Group at Camp (with leaders)

While the girls were at Girl’s Camp, Andy had a work trip to North Carolina and was gone that whole week (Sunday-Friday).    Meanwhile, I was busy at work with our annual inventory.  I had to find a kind friend to watch Vincent and Abby while I was working and when they woke up, they walked over to her house.  Our inventory went smoothly and now we’re done for another year with that.
Our June seemed to go right into July.  It’s been a busy summer so far but we are having a good time!

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