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December 2019

on January 6, 2020
December is always a bit of a whirlwind, but it didn’t seem quite as busy this year as in years past and I loved that!  I was still very busy working because even though I work at a bookstore, it’s the busiest time of year for all retail, especially a religious based bookstore that also has home decor, art, nativities, and other great things!  I think I felt less busy because there are currently five employees versus the usual four we’ve had over the holiday season in the past.  Anyway, I was able to do a lot of things with my family and friends over the month and loved that!
Vincent made his menu for the week he was assigned the kitchen chore and wanted KFC, but we decided to have VFC (Vincent Fried Chicken) instead. I cut the chicken and supervised and he did all the work. It was delicious. He even fried up the last of the shrimp we had in the freezer after all the chicken was cooked. I love having the kids take turns to be in charge in the kitchen.  I help (some more than others) and they make the menu and are in charge of making it, and unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and cleaning the table and floor.  The other three have chores in the bathroom, living room, and family room and we rotate weekly.
We scheduled a day to meet up at my mom’s house to make chocolates.  Janessa and I had the same day off and it was a lot of fun to hang out with Aunt Roma too.
The first Saturday in December was a Lego League Robotics tournament that Vincent was a part of.  His CJMS Dragons team won an award for gracious professionalism
Andy hung out at the middle school most of the day for that with Vincent and met us at the ward party.  I was working until just before the party and picked up the girls on my way over.
Our ward Christmas party had a nice meal and a little band playing while we ate and then an elderly man in our ward played his clarinet.  The program was the youth with a still nativity (Elizabeth and Olivia are just to the left of Joseph and Mary standing) and the primary sang a song.
And then Santa visited.
Abby’s grade had a special performance of “The Incredible Reindeer” and she was Mrs. Claus.  I found a costume online for her.  They performed twice-once during the school day for all of the school kids and another in the evening for parents and community.  She had several lines and did a good job.
I took most of my pictures during the afternoon show (before we fixed her hair and before Santa was wearing his costume).
It was cute and fun.
The following night was Vincent’s orchestra concert.  He’s the pianist for the sixth grade orchestra and the seventh/eighth grade combined orchestra. He’s been practicing the songs since he was invited to play last spring and did a great job. And as a bonus, he’s never hard to find onstage! He plays with the older group during zero hour and there are two sixth grade classes who meet 1st and 2nd hour.  He’s in just one of those.
I took Olivia, Vincent, and Abby to see the Nutcracker locally.  We have many friends in it and this year a niece/cousin was a soldier.  There are changes to the performance each year and that makes it fun every time we go.
Andy, Vincent, and Abby went on a little adventure to Toppenish to the Railroad Museum to ride a train and see Santa. Our buddy Nathan joined them. They had a fun time.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Olivia were working on projects and I was working one of the busiest retail Saturdays ever (the second to last Saturday before Christmas).
I felt like I was on a concert/performance high already and then I got to go see David Archuleta for his Christmas Tour that the bookstore I work at hosted!  I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced in July!  He does an amazing job and I’m grateful the owners of Fountain Books make awesome things like this happen in our area. Afterwards, the owners asked if Heather (the manager of the bookstore side-I’m manager of the clothing side) and I wanted a picture with David before they left to drive that night to Tacoma.  Um, YES!  We enjoyed a short visit with him too.  My mom and Olivia joined us at the concert as my guests.
Image may contain: 7 people, including Mary Brown Crowther and Heather Rhodes, people smiling, indoor
A few days later Andy and I took Robie and Nathan (our game night buddies) to an escape room.  We weren’t as successful as we hoped, but it was still pretty fun.
We celebrated with our Ransom cousins the Sunday before Christmas. We did our nativity puppets and exchanged cousin/sibling gifts and ate some delicious treats.
Image may contain: 15 people, including Susan Doss, people smiling, indoor
We had the missionaries over for Christmas Eve for hot cocoa and nativity puppets.  We invited Nathan and a family with two young daughters to come too.  We enjoyed visiting and remembering the reason for the season.
We had a very nice Christmas.  We opened gifts at our house like always.  Everyone was pretty happy with the things they received.
Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling
Then we went to Walla Walla to celebrate with two of my siblings and my parents at my sister’s house.  We each brought a soup and had a nice laid back meal and visited and opened some gifts there.  I didn’t take pictures, but it was very fun.
We were invited to join Andy’s former boss at a 25th anniversary after Christmas party.  PLCs Plus is 25 years old.  We had a nice dinner and visit with other alumni who came to the party and then the kids were invited to join us for rides on the Carousel of Dreams. Elizabeth drove them over separately.
More pictures to add to this part when they are sent to me….
We had my brother over after Christmas for a night.  Our ward was one of the four wards invited to a dance party to celebrate the new year early. Everyone brought a treat to share and we brought some family games and had a good time.  My brother and his wife have seven kids 12 and under, so it was super helpful to have the gym open to help them all be tired when it was time for bed. lol. Their boys took over Vincent’s room and he slept in our room on the floor and their girls were in the living room and we set up the airbed in our family room.  It’s a tight squeeze, but we LOVE having them come over and watching the cousins play and really get to know each other.  We had dinner with them Friday and breakfast on Saturday morning.  Brant even got up early and bought Krispy Kremes to share!
My nephew Derek had a fun time dancing with the daughter of a family we know from another ward.  Her dad posted a video of them dancing and I told him who the boy was.
To close out the month, my parents gave talks in church before they head on their Nebraska Omaha Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They will mostly be at Winter Quarters, so if you are headed that direction, stop in and check out the great visitor’s center and say hi to my folks!
All but one child (who will see them soon because he lives closer to Nebraska than the rest of us) and one grandchild were there (and a brother in law who was sick), making us quite a posterity at 32 in attendance, plus some aunts and uncles! I’m going to miss my parents while they are away, but they are going to do one of the best things and serve God by serving others and I’m excited to see all of the cool people they get to meet and serve and love.


Because it’s the end of the 2010-2019 era, a lot of people were posting their ten year difference in pictures.  Our family has grown by number and in size.  I can hardly wait to see what another ten years will bring to our family!
This makes it sound like the month was packed and I guess it was, but I wasn’t nearly as stressed out as I normally am, even while working and balancing family time and everything else.  We made and delivered a lot of treats to friends and neighbors and I did many of the suggestions in #LightTheWorld this year and tried to stay more focused on the Savior. I’m excited for the new things 2020 will bring and the fresh new year to look again at the goals I have and strive to be better.  I’m excited to read The Book of Mormon again and learn new things that apply to my life too.

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  1. Mary A Crowther says:

    Great Post! Christmas was very different for us too. All in a good way. We are so proud to have had our family FILL THE PEWS!! Thanks for honoring us!

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