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January 2020

on February 6, 2020
We kicked off the year with an extended family party.  My dad’s side started getting together for New Year’s Day instead of Christmas a few decades ago.  We rotate who is in charge and the church building and have a fun time playing and eating and visiting with everyone.
This is my dad and his original siblings.
My parents left for their mission the following day, so we took a few good-bye pictures too. My parents with Vincent.
Me and my parents.  It is still early, but it is odd to not have them just an hour away already.
Olivia did some organ practice while we were at the church.  (I didn’t take this picture in the chapel, but I like having it!)
Me with my cousin Brenda.
Vincent was ordained a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood by Andy.
He is excited for the new duties being a Deacon brings.
I’ve made a goal to attend the Temple 20 times in 2020.  I checked off two times in January, so I’m right on track so far.
Abby turned NINE!  She is fun, spunky, sweet, feisty, friendly, artistic, and thoughtful.
Abby had a super fun pirate party with some friends Saturday. Elizabeth built this awesome pirate ship and helped decorate the cake. Olivia planned a fun puzzle scavenger hunt and helped keep the kids entertained. Vincent went down the road to a friend’s house while his friend’s sister came up to our house for the party.
Abby ended her birthday going to a birthday party for a friend at the skating rink that her whole grade was invited to.
Pretty great birthday!
I love having two delicious homemade cupcakes come to my house each month from Farmhouse Bake Shop.  She comes up with the best flavor combinations.
Vincent turned TWELVE! He is enjoying middle school and making good friends there. He is creative, smart, musical, and funny.
He had nine friends over for his birthday-both boys and girls!  They had pizza, ate cake, and played some games.  It was fun (and very, very loud!)
Some people complain that January stretches out forever, but with so much going on at our house, it never seems to drag on.


One response to “January 2020

  1. Mary A Crowther says:

    It is a great tradition to gather as a extended family to start the New Year! Thanks for arranging the Building. Yes, I took that picture of Olivia at the organ. It wasn’t during a meeting. I want to see her play the old Piano here. And Vincent too. I miss being able to drop in and visit. Gotta just call now, and wait for my letters in the mail. Glad the kids had Happy Birthdays.

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