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December 2020

on January 6, 2021

This has been a bit of a weird year. WAY more time spent together at home than normal with a lot of activities cancelled and less time with the kids in actual school, so even though I’m working more hours than normal, we are still home together more (and with Andy not able to travel like normal, he gets to be home with the kids practically all day.)

Light the World this year started with asking who our Heroes are and I thought about heroes and who my heroes are and why and one of my biggest heroes is my dad (and my mom is fantastic too!) My dad has always worked hard-growing up on a farm does that! He gives his all into everything he does. He’d get up early to go to work in the mornings and when he got home, he’d work some more, whether it was Church service, gardening/yard work, genealogy, or activities for six very active children and when he was done, he’d ‘stretch out’ for a bit and then be back at it reading scriptures, playing games, and reaching out to lonely people who relied on his consistency and kind heart. I have been told many, many people that my dad is the “kindest person I’ve ever met” and I strive to one day be as kind and patient as he is. My parents are currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Omaha Nebraska and they work from sunrise to sunset maintaining, improving, and caring for the visitor’s center and grounds there and in surrounding areas. I look up to my parents so much and love them with my whole heart!

One of the Light the World prompts was to post what brings me peace. The Temple brings me peace even when I can’t go inside because of COVID. I set a goal to go there 20 times in 2020 and I didn’t complete it, but I can always try, try again and that brings me peace too. Also, DQ Blizzards and frosty trees and quiet time pondering. Abby was my lucky buddy that day. We ran errands, got blizzards at DQ and went to the library. When we got home, Vincent was jealous that we went to the library and I had to take him the next week when I had a day off. He just wanted to look at everything so he could ‘remember what it looked like’ because it had been so long since he was there.

Our sister missionaries asked if we would decorate our tree with them there so they could do a post on the community missionary facebook page. Here’s what they said about this picture:

This is the Ransom family! They enjoy decorating their Christmas tree together ๐ŸŽ„ What does your tree look like? Drop a pic in the comments! ๐Ÿค—

They also took pictures of us actually decorating the tree, so now I have pictures without taking them myself.

My parents sent wooden ornaments that they made for the kids and one for Andy and I to share that were made from some branches they cut at Winter Quarters and they even had a wood burned stamp on the backside. Super special!

Andy and I drove to Walla Walla one Sunday evening to deliver a gift from my mom to her sister (Aunt Roma). We had a fun visit with Roma and Gordon too.

I was craving Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi soup so I picked up an order for my lunch one day. I got a kick out of their spelling of my name. The soup was excellent though!

I had a unique opportunity this morning to be part of a small PTA group who was invited to talk with Governor Inslee about reopening schools in Washington State. It was very interesting to listen to those who have reopened in parts of the State and to hear about safety measures in place and that it can be done as well as the concerns people have about how best to go about reopening. Here’s hoping that everyone is able to open again soon and help our students get the education they need and deserve. I know a lot of people are mad about a lot of things from every side of politics especially, but I really do think that most of those who are in politics are trying to help the best way they know how. I think everything has become much too political and divisive and I hate that. We desperately need to see the good in others and recognize that differences are okay and make us and everyone stronger. And I typed out something, but it would be too political and I don’t want to do that. It’s my Christmas gift to you!

To bring back the CHEER, I miss this.

I kind of wish I could relive this concert last year, but not all of the rough stuff in 2020…I bought David Archuleta’s new CD “Therapy Sessions” that he wrote this year and I’ve been listening to it on repeat in my car. It’s fantastic! I especially like the one that reminds me to be patient and breathe. Here’s a link to my favorite song from the new album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b51OesSuOyI

PS. I’m also training to be the new manager at work. My friend Heather (she’s in the picture with David and I) is moving onto the profession she finished her master’s degree in and is working full time there now. I’ll miss her so much and I’m doing my best to capture all of her knowledge and writing it down so I know what to do in a few weeks.

Andy took Vincent and Olivia up to the mountain early in December to build fires and use up the rest of our fire extinguisher (don’t worry, it’s already replaced.) They used one of Grandpa George’s fire extinguishers too.

I had to hover to make sure schoolwork was caught up before the break.
I felt a thrill of victory when I told Abby to check a problem with her teacher because I didn’t think she was doing it correctly (new to me math process) and her teacher agreed with me.
It’s the little things sometimes.

They had a sing-a-long with minute to win it games for Abby’s school. Vincent and Abby both joined in. I was at work. Someone took a screenshot. They are third from the top and down three. The school (and PTA) provided treats and supplies for each student at the school to take home to do this with their families.

Abby had some activities this month! Lucky her. They were mostly all super socially distanced, but they were something. Our Primary Presidency dropped off supplies to make luminaries and scheduled a date to light them and do a little scavenger hunt to find the others from other kids in our ward, but that night it poured rain, so it was rescheduled and it was a fun little outing. Our luminaries burned longer than I expected and they were so pretty!

I stopped by the library one night after work to pick up some holds (they are only open on the inside for a few hours a day and doing curbside pickup in the mornings) and they happened to be handing out craft kits for kids and teens. The kid kit had gingerbread cookie people (paper) that the kids were supposed to decorate and return to the library for a sleepover. The library posted Abby’s gingerbread first:
The gingerbread cookie people are returning to the library for their big #gingerbreadlibrarysleepover. This one didn’t feel well so it’s taking a little rest with its teddy bear! ๐Ÿ’— Get well soon, Gingerbread!

Abby didn’t like that it came with holes all around it (to thread yarn or ribbon through). She decided it needed a doctor to help it feel better and put bandaids on it and made the ribbon on top into a head bandage. It’s even crying because it’s hurting. They are setting up gingerbread cookies as they come into the library into different settings all around the library and it’s fun to see what the librarians come up with.

We had a Christmas Eve Eve (Adam) with the sister missionaries and shared our nativity puppets with them. I took a picture of them with their favorites afterwards. One of the sisters videoed the whole thing too.

Andy’s favorite puppet is King Herod. I think he looks a little like Mr. T with his necklace and goatee.

I borrowed a store reading copy of “Standout Saints” and loved how it was set up with 20 men and 20 women from all over the world and told about their importance to Church History. One of my ancestors is in there: Patty Bartlett Sessions. She was a midwife who delivered thousands of babies and delivered the first baby in the Salt Lake Valley after coming across the plains with Brigham Young’s first wagon company. All of the people have been amazing to learn about and I love that there’s one page for each person and that many of them were new to me.

We went to Torrie’s house on Christmas Eve for desserts and the cousin gift exchange and the nativity puppet show (of course! it’s tradition!)

One of Sara’s kids had Abby and gave her this beautiful butterfly necklace. She adores it!

Shirley took a picture of the kids (plus George, Andy, and I) with our nativity puppets.

Merry Christmas!

Andy’s parents came by on Christmas on their way back home and took a picture of our family in front of the tree.

Santa visited our house. Abby wanted an instant camera when the school had a read-a-thon, but she didn’t win it, so Santa brought her one.

Vincent loves Mario AND Legos, so Santa brought him a Lego set that combines two of his favorite things.

Santa brought Elizabeth two HUGE books she wanted.

Santa brought Olivia leather earring making supplies.

Andy got a Star Wars Lego ship from Santa

I got some perfume I love and a nice peaceful day.

We were all spoiled and everyone has plenty of things to keep them busy for quite awhile. Books, crafts, games, puzzles, and more.

We had a Zoom visiting time with my parents and siblings (except my oldest brother). My brother Joe put together a family/holiday Jeopardy game that was entertaining and fun.

Vincent and Abby received remote control vehicles for Christmas and have enjoyed playing with them together. Andy is borrowing one Elizabeth got a few years ago. They haven’t broken yet and luckily the new ones plug in to charge. Olivia gave Andy a helicopter a few years ago and he’s gotten that out now to play with again.

We played games with Nathan and Robie on Christmas night and also New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I’m so glad they are still coming to our game night even during all of this weirdness. It’s something we look forward to each week.

The fireworks around us are sometimes crazy. I thought this and then saw it posted and had to share it. Luckily, our kids aren’t bothered by fireworks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What will 2021 bring? Time will tell, but also what YOU do now will make a difference in what you feel, expect, and how your year will go. Make good goals that are achievable and make changes needed to come closer to Christ.

One response to “December 2020

  1. Mary A Crowther says:

    I was missing reading your Blog. Thanks for the remembering. Fun to have one on one with Blizzards. Christmas goes too fast with just the 2 of us. Thanks for the package that arrived a bit later and made our Christmas keep going. Congrats on your promotion.

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