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Mini Golfer

on July 8, 2012
Elizabeth was invited to a classmate’s birthday party that happened to be this first Saturday in July.  She was able to go mini golfing for the first time.  It was 104 degrees.  Hot!
Here Elizabeth is trying it out the first time.

 Elizabeth caught on quick and kept up with the boys well.  There were a few younger girls at the party as well.

 Cute Elizabeth hanging with the boys (and one girl).

 My great little mini golfer!  We didn’t really keep score, but she was the third one finished out of the group.  Pretty good for the first time, I think.

 Elizabeth with the birthday boy.  He came to her birthday party too.

 Here’s the whole party crew.  I’m surprised by how tall Elizabeth is.  Two of those boys are a little older than her.

Saturday morning was spent with Andy going to the missionary meeting, hardware store for parts, mowing the lawn, and putting a box on our backyard sprinklers.  NaDell slept, read, watched a tv show on the computer while cross-stitching, and then went out and cleaned off the backyard patio.
We took the kids to a local park to have their pictures taken by a friend (I won a contest-too cheap to buy professional pictures…) They did about as good as we expected, but they could have done so much better.  With their ages taken into account and the temperature (97-103 degrees), I think they did pretty good.  I knew at least a few of the shots they were all looking at the camera and had pleasant looks on their faces.  I’ll share the pictures when I get them.
We went to dinner at McDonald’s.  I love the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad. It’s only 390 calories and so filling and delicious.  Then I went on a walk with a friend and then returned some things to the library.
Read some scriptures, did a little laundry, almost time for bed.

Here’s a picture our neighbor took of Abby at a party over there the end of the school year.  Love this cute girl!

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